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Audrey in Rome

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Mia Farrow in Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

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"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)

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74-77/100 photographs of Grace Kelly

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1x01 / 2x01

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Can you ever imagine? If anyone wants to know the weirdest thing, it’s getting your hair cut and seeing it on the news. Terrorists probably knew about my haircut.

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Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), Before Midnight (2013)

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Henri Dauman, Brigitte Bardot


Henri Dauman, Brigitte Bardot

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Christoph Waltz at the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

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S01E03 of Claymore - "The Darkness In Paradise"

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You Were Never Lovelier

You Were Never Lovelier

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Details; Claude Monet

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